You may find your morning commute to Old Town accompanied by a swarm of brand new, bright green bikes these days, as Slickwraps has just moved into town! 

Having recently relocated from its original warehouse in Andover to a newly renovated warehouse / office space in Wichita’s Old Town, Slickwraps is excited and ready for what the transition will bring to the company. While the new location and renovation is something new and different for the Slickwraps crew, the company took one step further to makes its team more comfortable, purchasing a set of brand new bikes to help employees commute to and from work, as well as to lunch. 

“The bikes provide a great way to get exercise in and to reduce carbon emissions,” said Founder and CEO Jonathan Endicott. “Plus, you benefit from the fact of having front row parking at even busy lunch restaurants.”

Providing employees with a new transportation option will have great benefits both in the short and long terms. Possible benefits include:


  • A healthy lifestyle: Biking to work will provide employees with a healthy way to and from work each day. Daily exercise can help workers maintain a healthy weight and improve heart health.
  • A convenient commute: Half of the battle each morning is rush-hour traffic. Those employees living close enough to bike can cut down on that traffic traveling by bike. Plus, they’ll have no problems with limited downtown parking.
  • Saving money: Not only are you saving the environment by driving less every day, but employees will be saving their wallets as well. With the option to bike to work and lunch, the Slickwraps team member will be saving big time on gas!

With a humble entrance into the case and skin market over 5 years ago, Slickwraps’ move to Old Town was the inevitable next step in keeping the company growing and striving in an ever-changing and competitive accessories industry. Not only does the move provide the team with a modern, state-of-the-art warehouse to continue manufacturing and developing new products, but it places Slickwraps in the perfect location to open its first retail store. 

As the tech-company takes time to settle into its new home, plans to develop and open a store front are going strong. The company currently operates strictly online, selling their products worldwide through and through worldwide distributors and resellers. With a retail store, the company will have the opportunity to work face-to-face with customers from its hometown, providing yet another element and means of customer service to current and future Slickwraps fans!