These days consumers are looking every which way to find the best deals, biggest sales and smartest ways to buy every-day items. From crazy coupon clipping to the mad rush on Black Friday, everybody loves a good deal. Today, mobile apps are becoming the next best thing when it comes to saving money, rewarding users with points, gift cards and shopping incentives. But a new app gaining popularity is taking things to the next level, rewarding consumers with cold, hard cash. Ibotta, founded just last year, offers a free App available for iPhone users, and the concept is quite simple. Watch videos, read recipes or facts provided by the app and you'll be given money for purchasing certain items. Once you scan the bar code on the item and snap an image of the receipt, money will be transferred into your paypal account. This money can be used for anything, and is not based on a credit or point system. It has also become an innovative fundraising tool, as it gives you the option to transfer the money directly to any school in the U.S. instead of your papal account. The company is confident this could become an extremely popular fundraising tool in the future. Ibotta, however, is not the only app on the market that will save you here and there. Here's a few more popular apps that can put a little extra cash in your pocket:
  •  Viggle: This app allows you to earn points by simply watching TV! Viggle works by syncing your phone to a particular television show and checking in. Not only do you earn points just for watching, but you can answer trivia about he show as well for added points. Earn enough and some big prizes are waiting for you!  (Android and iPhone)
  • iPoints: This app rewards you for purchasing movies and music through iTunes. Each $1 spent gives you a particular amount of points, these can then be used to earn gift cards or purchase more items on iTunes.   (iPhone)
  • Checkpoints: Want to earn points to walk into a store? Checkpoints will reward you for doing just that. You can also earn extra points by scanning certain items.   (Android and iPhone)
  • NPolls: This app pays you for participating in surveys. After you earn $10 (getting 10 cents per poll) money will be transferred into your paypal account.   (iPhone)
These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving money, and while it may not be a great deal of cash, every little bit helps! Plus there's the opportunity to win yourself some great prizes in the end.   Information courtesy of:,,,

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