As of Monday, Apple is officially the most valuable company in the U.S. ever. Apple reached and surpassed Microsoft's 1999 record of $620.6 billion market capitalization, with a market cap of $623.1 billion (Businessweek). Now, Apple's market capitalization, or the total worth of all of Apple's shares, is progressing towards the $1 trillion price point. Tuesday Apple's share price continued to surge from Monday's $664.74 a share to $673.20. But, is Apple in for the same fate as the other 4 companies in history to reach such a high market cap; a final peak and ultimate decline in market value? Microsoft, for example, who saw a huge surge in share price at the peak of the dot com era, is now sitting with a market cap of $257 billion. The same decline applies to the other four companies in history to reach such a high market cap, Cisco Systems, Exxon-Mobile, General Electric, and Intel (Apple Insider). Apple, however, has different variables that experts think will help them to maintain growth. Apple has a very small share in the stock market, unlike the other companies. Microsoft had a share of 90% in the PC operating systems market during its heyday, leaving it little room for expansion. Apple, on the other hand, has a small 4.7%  share of the PC operating systems market, and 64.4% in the mobile market (Apple Insider). They also have the advantage of anticipation and an extremely dedicated following. Some of ways Apple has the ability to maintain their momentum and reach the $1 trillion mark are:
  • The release of the iPhone 5
  • The anticipation and possible release of the rumored "mini-iPad"
  • The possibility of Apple working with China Mobile (the largest mobile company in the world) to sell iPhones.
  • Possible room for growth in several areas: iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac
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  In other Apple news: The trial of Apple vs. Samsung has reached the jury. Both parties gave their closing statements Tuesday, and a decision is in the very near future. Keep a look out for a trial update right here on the Slickblog!

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