Rumors have been flying that Apple is set to release several new products this summer, definitely not a surprise for the company. However, this summer's releases may have something a little different than usual. Rumors suggest that Apple will be releasing a much more affordable version of their iPhone, one with a hard-plastic rear shell and no retina display. The new design could bring the phone price down by hundreds, and as a result invite a completely new audience to join the Apple family. Tactus  has now released photos of what may be the prototype. Slightly resembling the aesthetics of the iPod Classic, the photos show a phone with a more rounded exterior. It's not known if this is an accurate representation of what the new, cheaper iPhone could look like. It is after all only rumor, and Apple rumors do tend to spread like wildfires! Tactus did go as far to say that the release could be on October 15th of this year. A plastic-shell rear iPhone could bring the price down hundreds of dollars, possibly as low as $300. If this is the case, there are millions of consumers that may switch from their current phones. Take a look at the leaked photo below:

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