There's pretty much an app for everything these days, and hunters are no exception! There are many apps that mimic specific animals sounds in order to attract wildlife. But an app meant to mimic the sound of a troubled rabbit far exceeded its purpose in one particular occasion. A viral video from Oslo shows a fox helping itself to Norwegian Lars Andreas Bjercke's iPhone. Reports said Bjercke and some friends wanted to test out the app to see how well it would work, so they set the phone on the ground and filmed the app in action. The sound worked so well, that a fox appeared instantly. After investigating the phone, the fox grabs it and runs away with it. For Bjercke, that would be the last time he saw his phone. Reports said Bjercke called the phone, and the call was picked up (likely by the fox's teeth). All they heard was rustling. Besides a jumbled text message one of Bjercke's friends received from the missing iPhone, Bjercke's phone has been MIA. Check out the video below, courtesy of

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