Smartphones have certainly revolutionized how we find, share and view information on a daily basis, and when it comes to emergencies and natural disasters, these smartphone could even save your life. One of the most recent apps available to do so is Earthquake Buddy. When natural disaster hits, communication is often the first thing to go. Downed power lines, flooded service networks and loss of power all hinder the ability to get help or find loved ones. Earthquake Buddy is one app designed to reach out to others before the problems arise. The buddy app uses GPS and seismic technology to alert "buddies" of your location when disaster strikes. Once the app registers seismic activity of 5.5 or more on the richter scale, it instantaneously sends an email to your selected buddy with your exact Google Maps location. You can also choose to have the app send a tweet, Facebook message and text. It also gives you a Flashlight option incase of a power outage. This app is currently only available for iPhone users for $4.49, but will be launched for Android soon. Earthquake buddy is just one of many apps available to smartphone users to help stay safe during emergencies. With the winter months fast approaching, for example, many apps have been developed to aid users during harsh winter storms and unforeseen circumstances. Below are a list of several other apps that may be extremely useful to you in times of trouble.
  • Red Panic Button: Very similar to the Earthquake Buddy, Red Panic Button is a one-touch app that can alert family and friends of your location in an emergency. Load this app with emergency contact information and it can immediately send a customized text, email, and tweet when activated. If you find yourself hurt, stranded or unable to fend for yourself, this app will let loved ones know of your exact GPS location. (Available for iPhone and Android, $3.00)
  • iMapWeather Radio: Not sure if your in a dangerous location? This app will let you know. Using information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the app will let you know if you are in the area of any kind of powerful and dangerous storm. It will also use GPS technology to alert you when your area is most at risk. (Available for iPhone, $10.00)
  • Disaster Alert: This app is your go-to list of dangerous areas. It simply compiles a list of any disastrous situation, including storms, natural disasters and man-made disasters. (Available for iPhone and Android, Free)
  • Winter Survival Kit: If you live any place with harsh winters, you know the unexpected can always happen. Whether you find yourself stuck in a blizzard or your car stuck in a ditch, there are always certain things you should do to stay as safe as possible. This app will give you an extensive checklist of to-dos. Some may be common sense, but others may save you a great deal of trouble in the long run. Also included in this app is an "I'm Stranded" button -- push this and your phone will give you your exact GPS location. (Available for iPhone and Android, Free)
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